On the way to school

I tried to focus on the backstory a lot in this short excerpt. I hope you like it!

I walk to school. I always do. Well-only since dad left. The wind is harsh against my back and the sun is fierce on my face. But mostly, I do it to get away from home, where my mother sits, sad and silent, in a grey gloomy world of her own. Where dusty pictures of me and my dad lie, forgotten, on her drawer in her bedroom. Where the blissful days spent in the park, as a family, are no more than a distant memory.

I can’t remember the last time my mum asked me where I was going, or what I was doing at school, or how my friends were. She just doesn’t speak anymore. Broods in the darkness. dwelling on the departure of a man who didn’t love her anymore.

Sometimes on my way to school, my legs feel like crumbling, my knees like buckling. I wonder how I let myself become like this. Then I remind myself that dad was the bad one. I don’t remind myself of the times he took me to watch the football or the times he took me out for a pizza and a movie. Because that hurts too much.

I set out hours before school starts, because why not? I have nothing left for me back at my empty house. My mum is still asleep, her hair splayed across her pillow like sleeping beauty. Our cat, Marmalade, is snoozing in the grey dawn light like a giant orange teddy bear. My phone lies, abandoned, on my bedstead. Even though I have all my friend’s numbers, they never text me. Ever. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I go through my lessons in a zombie-like haze, not stopping to talk to anyone. My grades have been slipping, not that I care that much. My life is a mess right now and I can’t make sense of anything or anyone. I’m lost.

The moon, fading slightly in the creeping blueness, stares down at me like an unwinking silver eye, as though it can read my mind. I stare at the pavement, not allowing my thoughts to drift because whenever they do they go somewhere dangerous, somewhere I don’t want to go. They are thoughts I don’t want to accept. Thoughts I can’t accept.

As I round the corner and sight the entrance of my school, the ghost of a smile dawns on my face. No matter my mood, school is my escape. Where no one asks any questions and no one demands any answers. A cloud of ravens wheel over its towering spires. Home at last.

Published by Mara

I am a literary lover with a passion for animals (particularly ducks, geese and swans!) writing, and reading! Along with my precious pooch Maxy (who's also a Class A destroyer) and my little budgie Woody with a BIG attitude, I will make you laugh, cry and learn through words! Enjoy!

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